MDRNTY Cruise first priority is to give everyone the opportunity to fully enjoy this epicurean experience according to their own desires. Music, well-being, joie de vivre, sport, tourism, art discovery... everyone can compose their vacation as they see fit based on their own perception of pleasure. We bring the artists, the fun ideas, the quality of a Swiss-made service and cutting-edge infrastructures. The public simply picks to create own experience.

Festival experience

MDRNTY Cruise brings you to a true music festival experience. 10 electronic music labels and 66 artists will bring their good vibes for a 24h-a-day programming distributed on the five dancefloors. Be part of a community with Meet ‘n’ Greet / Q&A done by the artists, film & documentaries on electronic music.

photo by Pedro Correia | photo by Valeriu Catalineanu / Romanian Club Culture

Explore and enjoy the Mediterranean life at the stopovers

Visit Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza. Enjoy the local monuments, take some time shopping or just go for a trip in one of these Spanish sunny spots.

Revitalize your mind, body and soul

Want take an electronic yoga course curated by a DJ, drink a fresh organic smoothie, lighten up at the spa or unwind at the gym ? Anything is possible. Just relax and re-energize during your journey.

Enjoy the epicurean way of life

MDRNTY Cruise is all about the pleasure. Enjoy a nice gourmet food at the restaurants, discover some new flavours at wine & spirits tasting, spend some good time at contemporary art exhibitions. Live the Epicurean philosophy for five days.


Flavour your journey with live ephemeral art performances or stunning art & technology visual shows in the theatre. Mind-blowing cross-art events.

Unleash the fun

Have fun during Board challenges, cheers to your heart-content during small sport tournaments, throw the ball with your friends at the bowling alley, feel the thrill at the casino. Be yourself and enjoy these holydays to the fullest.

Bars and Restaurants 

MSC Cruises ensures an unforgettable culinary journey every day of your holiday. 

With the ever-changing selection of Italian, Mediterranean and international specialities served on board, every mouthful will delight your senses. All dishes are freshly prepared using the finest ingredients, grown as nature intended.