CABARET BIZARRE – Le beau est toujours bizarre

Cabaret Bizarre is a dark dreamland where self expression and decadence reign free! Originally inspired by Federico Fellini and Bertolt Brecht it creates an old-fashioned carnival, an erotic wonderland imbedded in a 1920’s Weimar Cabaret with a very bizarre edge. Cabaret Bizarre's cast of internationally renowned circus artists brings you the best of circus, cabaret and performance art in the world today, whilst transporting you to a place where your personal fantasies are made possible…

Cabaret Bizarre was born in 2006 in Switzerland, and as the first, and as Europe’s original, and longest running twisted cabaret spectacular, Cabaret Bizarre has captured the hearts of audiences across the continent – with hundreds pledging their allegiance to what is the beginning of a new artistic and decadent movement!

Cabaret Bizarre Teaser 2016 from Cabaret Bizarre on Vimeo.

MDRNTY Cruise & Print Them All present

 ' Art on the Sea '

special performances by two renowned artists :

Marko 93 aka DarkVapoR (1974 - Paris, France)


Marco Clement, known as Marko 93 or DarkVapor, is a French graffiti artist and a light painter. Influenced by hip hop movement he painted his first wall in 1989. Originally inspired by the graffiti from New York, he quickly developed his one aesthetic style, the “calligraffiti” by adding to his graffiti artwork an Arabic influenced calligraphy in an abstract way as a form of texture.

In 2000, he discovered the light painting, a photographic practice, and reinvented it technically and aesthetically by applying his calligraphic and graffiti expression to it. Since then, he traveled aroundthe world to promote his unique style of light painting in live stage performances. From Brazil to China, passing by Saudi Arabia, where he performs at the Princess Palace in Abu Dhabi or in Mumbai for the Celebrate Bandra Festival, Marco 93 is bringing his arty lights all over the globe.

RAFAEL SLIKS (1981 - São Paulo, Brazil)

The graffiti painter Rafael Sliks was born in São Paulo in Brazil. His study of calligraphy influenced his art : his graffiti signature creates a new aesthetic to reproduce and give birth to new artworks in murals, doors, prints or pictures.

His abstract artworks highlight different types of lines to make people travelling through his universe made by calligraphy, colors and textures. Writing is his art. Writing is his way to express, denounce, communicate and create beauty. All his graffitis can be seen in São Paulo’s streets, exhibitions in Miami, Berlin, Taiwan and many other places. He also participated in different events around the world such as the Brooklyn Night Bazaar in New York or the Supernova festival, an urban culture festival, in São Paulo this year.

Sliks' artistic universe reflects the tension between the physical chaos present in urban areas and the spiritual introspection he experiences in nature. Both being his main sources of inspiration, Rafael Sliks' art seeks to harmonize and reconcile cities and nature in a single movement, mixing the colors and vision of nature with the ultra-fast movements of his graffiti skills, and vice-versa. He is used to blur the lines to create a special artistic ambivalence.

The art of Rafael Sliks originates in graffiti for which he has developed a renowned style made of fatcapped tags and throw-ups. His indoor work is fueled by colour, repetition and overlapping tags, creating visual enigmas and infinite expanses of universe.