CABARET BIZARRE – Le beau est toujours bizarre

Cabaret Bizarre is a dark dreamland where self expression and decadence reign free! Originally inspired by Federico Fellini and Bertolt Brecht it creates an old-fashioned carnival, an erotic wonderland imbedded in a 1920’s Weimar Cabaret with a very bizarre edge. Cabaret Bizarre's cast of internationally renowned circus artists brings you the best of circus, cabaret and performance art in the world today, whilst transporting you to a place where your personal fantasies are made possible…

Cabaret Bizarre was born in 2006 in Switzerland, and as the first, and as Europe’s original, and longest running twisted cabaret spectacular, Cabaret Bizarre has captured the hearts of audiences across the continent – with hundreds pledging their allegiance to what is the beginning of a new artistic and decadent movement!

Cabaret Bizarre Teaser 2016 from Cabaret Bizarre on Vimeo.