Cocoon : In 2016 Cocoon celebrated its 20th anniversary. There are reasons for that.

The brand is built on quite a simple ethos which has never changed but the way the music and the experiences are delivered has never stopped evolving. A fierce passion to move forward and offer more is embedded in the DNA, Sven Väth saw to that 20 years ago.

Nothing illustrates this better than the variety and content offered week after week by Cocoon Worldwide Events. It really is worldwide and encompasses so many things that make Cocoon special. The Cocoon team wants to fly the flag for irresistible quality in music and design across the board and so we apply the same principles to a small provincial show as we do to hosting a stage at a major festival. It has to be special. It has to be Cocoon.

Rumors : Israeli DJ-producer Guy Gerber is bringing his Rumors party to our MDRNTY Cruise this September. Since its first party in Ibiza three years ago, Rumors has grown into a widely respected promoter, promising attendees a unique party experience that stays true to the bohemian, improvisational spirit of the White Isle.

FUSE: Since its inception in 2008, FUSE has established itself as a London institution and a major player on the international clubbing circuit, hosting over 300 successful events across Europe and around the world, whilst launching two critically acclaimed record labels. The philosophy of FUSE is simple: to stand out from the crowd by hosting exceptionally high-quality raves, built around superior-technical standards of sound design, and a close-knit core of residents. FUSE ensures line-ups are always well programmed and resonate with the distinctive FUSE sound.

Established at the tail end of 2008, FUSE quickly took Sunday clubbing in London to another level. Initially taking place at infamous East London hotspot 93 Feet East, the then weekly party also evolved its own unique dub-house sound, exploring the deeper shades of house and techno. From the beginning the main ingredients of the party have always been a strong focus on a high-technical standard of sound production, combined with a visual emphasis on warm ambience and red lighting that further enhances the sound and atmosphere.

In 2013 FUSE move up the road to Village Underground where it continues to attract house music aficionados in their droves, with the crowd carefully selected on the day to ensure the special vibe is maintained. There are on average two events per month in Autumn Winter and Spring, and one event per month in the Summer.

Over its five-year existence FUSE has consistently sold out their events, with the major reason for this success being the exceptional core of FUSE residents: Enzo Siragusa, Seb Zito, Rich NxT, Rossko and an extended group of up and coming UK based artists who have come from the FUSE dance floor. Despite being a resident focused brand, a number of renowned DJs have frequently played at FUSE events and these include tINI, Sonja Moonear, Onur Ozer, Guti, Julian Perez and Alexkid.

SUNRISE | Booking & Events:

Sunrise, the promotion company behind Romania's finest festival SUNWAVES.

Flying Circus : The global Dance music Event.

It started, as most good things do, accidentally...An opportunity to throw a classic event popped up, which in turn gave us the opportunity invite all our friends (who we dont get to see because we are all going round the world in different directions mostly), to play be inspired by each other and to just get a little "hang time".

And that is why the parties are so well received wherever we do one, (and we dont do too many!!). Cause when we hang together...the mood is amplified...because we are all happier...just a liiiiiitle bit more than normal ;)

So Though this is obviously planned and organized by us and our amazing team (cause we always wanted to work in an environment like this, under circumstances like this) ,the reason why it works is simply because groups have more fun.....

i mean, look at Scooby Doo, The Stones, The Police, The Teletubbies.... they had a blast, right??!!!

On top of that, we generally seek the more spectacular, oppulent and nature-touched locations to hold our events....once again adding to the overall vibration.

And that , boys and girls , is essentially it!!

The more we enjoy, the more you enjoy, and then we enjoy it some more....then pingpong back to you again.....

for as long as it lasts...

Caprices Festival: Convinced that they could create an event that would stand out amongst the others for its originality, five passionate founders created Caprices Festival in 2004. Based on the idea that music fans should also be able to discover the beauty of their region, Caprices quickly became the springtime musical event that could not be missed. Following its first edition with around 10,000 concertgoers, the renowned festival has grown over the years. Caprices gained international notoriety thanks in part to its exceptional location in the heart of the Alps in Valais, and its selective musical programming bringing together legendary artists with new talent and local Swiss acts. From Lou Reed, to Iggy Pop, Scorpions, Samael, Robert Plant, Björk, Portishead, Nas, Fatboy Slim, Erykah Badu, Deep Purple, Mika and Nelly Furtado, Caprices has hosted quintessential acts from hip-hop, rock, folk-pop, reggae, and electronic music.

In 2009, Caprices created Modernity@Caprices. From this, the grooves of Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Sven Väth, and Carl Graig,have resonated through the village of Crans-Montana and have moved thousands of festivalgoers to dance. The overwhelming enthusiasm of the public for Caprice’s electronic music line-up encouraged the direction to progressively program more headliners in this genre. By 2014, the festival was approximately half electronic music and half live acts. Convinced that the time had come for the festival to evolve and continue to surprise, in 2015 Caprices launched its new concept consisting of four days dedicated exclusively to electronic music. 28,000 festivalgoers responded positively to this change, pouring into the Valais ski station to party with some of the biggest artists in electronic music. This artistic and business success marked a new era for Caprices. For its 13th edition, in 2016, Caprices has crafted a massive line-up. More than half of the thirty or so artists can be found in the top 50 DJs according to Resident Advisor, the go-to reference in electronic music. The festival has also changed its look, marking the beginning of this new phase and reconfirming its new direction. Always in evolution, the not-to-miss event remains the party for all European clubbers.

AMG: We are music addicts and in our artists we believe..ALL MUSIC IS GOOD.

Based in the French part of Switzerland, AMG is a booking and event organization agency that focuses on DJ,Producers and Bands. The agency represents international artists from all parts of the world. AMG books most of their events in Switzerland, Germany, France, and Spain. With diverse talents, AMG grows larger every day and has gained a great reputation for being driven,responsible and having/keeping good relationships with their talent. AMG respects their artist, working together to gain real consistanacy in the always-changing electronic industry. Currently, AMG is responsible for the programming and coordination of the amazing Caprices Festival in Crans Montana, Switzerland

Since 2010, French Kitchen has been turning the Parisians summer sundays to an Electronic « Rendez-vous » for all the music lovers. Cocobeach started next to the river in the center of the French Capital. The idea was to offer to the French electronic crowd a place to meet, on Sunday afternoon when it’s hot with the new generation of Deejays from all around inspired by the taste of the Music Duo SuCré SaLé, initiator of the project. Today, Cocobeach takes place in an indoor/outdoor restaurant called la Chesnaie du Roy, located in the middle of a hudge park, at the boarder of Paris.

Since the turn of the millennium the Nordstern brand stands for great clubbing for demanding clubbers. Nordstern is an internationally acclaimed hotspot for electronic music, a platform where the world’s most respected artists live their vision and perform their art. Nordstern is music, Nordstern is art and Nordstern is a meeting place for djs from every corner of the world.
Located on one of the biggest ships of it's kind in Europe, Nordstern's sound design and acoustics have been build in cooperation with L-Acoustics and WSDG – two companies of note and with an international reputation.
Aside from running the club in Basel Nordstern is hosting various off location events including the sun.set series at the world renowned Fondation Beyeler, Art Basel, Sonar Off Week in Barcelona or Montreux Jazz Festival – only to name a few.
With all this Nordstern (five-time winner of the Swiss Nightlife Award) secures its position as Switzerland's clockwork for electronic music, a bright light at the firmament.

Following showcases at The BPM Festival Mexico, Miami Music Week, Marvelous Island Paris, Movement Festival Detroit, the Vatos Locos crew joins MDRNTY Cruise as stage host.
Label boss Hector will showcase the finest members of the crew of his Vatos Locos Label.
No headliners, no egos, just quality music.